Screwjack Lift Problem #5


One Screwjack lift company mentions in a brochure...

 "where headroom is a problem going into vans or basements"


This is a time lapse picture showing how the load with a Screwjack lift must be tilted at at an almost vertical angle and a very low angle on the step. This large orange "footprint" is the cause of the screwjack lifts "headroom" problem. Contrary to what the screwjack lift flyer says, a shorter lift will not solve this problem because it is the load that generaly hits the cieling not the lift.
The Escalera Stairclimber ALLOWS the operator to change the load angle when he NEEDS clearance, as opposed to the ScrewJack type lifts, which FORCE the operator to change the angle and CAUSES a problem. The angle of climb of the Escalera can be adjusted for getting into tight situations. If you have a tall load and you have a low ceiling, you can tilt the load down. However, if you need to have clearance behind your back, you can tilt the load forward. The Escalera will climb in a nearly upright position or in a lower position. The angle can be adjusted by the operator when necessary.



QUIZ This picture from a Screwjack brochure shows a screwjack type lift on a stiarway...notice the stairway you think he will make it up these steps? Answer... NOT! Using a digital lasso we placed the Screwjack lift several steps higher. It appears this load would not clear the stairway above!





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