Screwjack Lift Problem #4


People who have used screwjack type lifts often complain...

"I was busier than a one armed paper hanger"


The Screwjack type lift climbs the step in a teeter totter fashion. The operator must operate 2 switches to alternate between the "toe plate up mode" and the "wheel up Mode" On a standard 13 step stairway the operator must make 26 adjustments. In addition to trying to handle to unbalanced load and prevent the rails from scraping the screwjack operator must work 2 switches and repeatedly properly place the toe plate and wheels. When several operators are struggling with a ScrewJack lift it looks like a "three ring circus"

The Escalera StairClimber has a single control switch. You move it one direction to go up, the other direction to go down. The lifting feet automatically adjust for the height of the step. The Escalera automatically lifts the wheel over the step edge and sets it down on the step. Stevie Wonder could climb steps with the Escalera! With the Escalera StairClimber you simply roll the handtruck until the V-belts touch the step, bring the lifting feet around, touch the step, tilt the unit forward and then turn on the switch in the up direction.

 This ScrewJack problem is compounded with other problems (poor balance, poor ergonomics, etc.) associated with the Screwjack type lifts.





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