Screwjack Lift Problem #6

Energy Crisis

Screwjack Lift owners often complain...

 "the battery died and I got stuck on the steps"

The omminous recomendation above is from a ScrewJack lift owners manual.

The ScrewJack Type lifts use a starter moter with NO gear reduction. They draw over 100 Amps in the up mode, and they draw over 50 amps in the down mode. Just a quick question... Where do you keep the "spare battery" they say you need. And how do you go get the battery when you are stuck on the steps? Because they ScrewJack Lifts put such a drain on the battery, users often compalin about getting "stuck on the steps" A common story is that they had to get their car battery and jumper cables to get the ScrewJack off of the steps. i.e. "Screwjack Un-plugged"

Because of the energy efficient gearbox on the Escalera StairClimber, even with a totally dead battery although you may not have enough power to climb all the way UP the stairway, you will always have enough power to climb back DOWN the stairway.

Escalera Inc. does not reccomend a spare battery for their StairClimbers. You won't need one!

The Escalera StairClimber gearbox has a 1/2 horsepower motor and a gearbox with a 200 to 1 gear reduction.





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