Screwjack Lift Problem #3


People who have used screwjack type lifts ALWAYS complain...

"it pinned me against the wall"

Because the screwjack lift MUST climb at a very steep angle and CANNOT be tilted forward to allow more clearance behind your back, operators ALWAYS complain about being pinned against the wall. The Angle of climb with the ESCALERA Stairclimber can be adjusted to allow maneuverability in tight quarters. The Escalera Stairclimber can go anywhere a non-powered dolly can go.

The lifting rail prevents tilting the load forward. This problem makes ScrewJack Lifts unusable in most residential deliveries, and unusable in many commercial deliveries. The steep angle of climb and the length of the screwjack lift cause a  maneuverability problem on landings and on the tops of stairways with turns at the top.





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