Screwjack Lift Problem #2

Difficult to Hold on to Lift On Stairway

People who purchase a Screwjack type lift at a trade show complain...

"it looked good on the stand at the show"

However when the customer tries the Screwjack lift on a full flight of steps he is surprised to find that he has to "reach down to his shoestrings" to try to hold on to the lift.
This video dissolve shows the Screwjack lifts problem on a full flight of steps.Notice how the ESCALERA STAIRCLIMBER allows plenty of room for the operator to stand .The ESCALERA STAIRCLIMBER climbs the steps at the same angle as it rolls on a sidewalk.


The ScrewJack Trade Show Demo stand is only 3 steps high. In the REAL WORLD its rare to climb only three steps! People who watch the demo at a trade show feel they have been duped by the deceptive 3-step demo. The screwjack lift companies use the 3-step demo in their trade show, brochures, training tapes and their web site. Same problem - different media. We built and added the FULL STAIRWAY to the Wisconsin Cheesy 3 step Demo stand! Notice the operator in the background. His arms are where his feet will have to be on a full staircase. Hence the comment "I had to reach down to my shoestrings"

This picture shows the Screwjack Lifts severe angle of climb which makes it difficult to hold onto the lift. The operators feet are down by the battery box which barely clears the step. The Escalera StairClimber is easy to hold onto on a high stairway! The load is perfectly balanced on the step!

This ScrewJack problem is severly compounded with other problems (balance, maneuverability etc.) associated with the Screwjack type lifts.





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