Screwjack Lift Problem #1


 The screwjack type lifts are notorious for their problems with balance on a stairway. Owners often say...

"I had to stand on the handles to balance the load"



This video dissolve above shows the center of gravity problem with the screwjack type lifts. Like a teeter totter the load must be counterbalanced by 2-4 operators. The operators of the screwjack lift must push down to prevent the rails from dragging on the steps. The dissolve shows how the Escalera Stairclimber can perfectly balance the load over the fulcrum point.

Notice that the operators of the screwjack lift must totally counter balance the weight of the load. The force is so great that the lift rails may bend. And operators are forced to allow the rails to scrape on the step. With the Escalera Stairclimber, the load can be adjusted to perfectly balance over the fulcrum point. The Escalera Stairclimber balances on the stairway the same as it balances on a sidewalk!

 This ScrewJack problem is compounded with other problems (poor ergonomics,maneuverability etc.) associated with the Screwjack type lifts.





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